Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Monday, April 27, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Stores

Hey guys! I hope your having a wonderful summer. Today I'm going to be telling about my top 10 stores; not only for clothes but for everything (although most of them are for clothes and make-up). I want to clarify something. The order of the stores is from the ones that I shop at every months, to the ones that I have never shopped at but would love too (to expensive).
3. Cohoes
8. Julep
9. Boohoo

1. Love Culture is my go to for dresses. My sister had her QuinceaƱera this month, I got my dress there and it was only $30. I love this store they have really awesome skirts and the shirts. I’m gonna make this simple I love Love Culture they have cute clothe and they’re affordable.

2. Forever 21 has awesome clothes that’s really affordable that’s no secret. Their accessories are really cool too, and even cheaper. If I don’t make them I buy them from here. Also Forever 21 is the only store where I can find the perfect jeans every time. Who doesn’t love Forever 21?

3. Cohoes is like Burlington (because it is part of Burlington) there's only two store; one here in Rhode Island and one is New Jersey. Just like Burlington they have all big name brands really cheap.

4. The Container Store; this is like the Love Culture and Forever 21 of organization, at least to me. I can honestly say that I buy from here as much as I do at Love Culture and Forever 21. Organization is very important to me and I can always find cute things here, so my room is organized and cute.

5. Modcloth is one of my favorite store because it has all of my favorite clothes specially the dresses and accessories; my wish list is full of them.

6. Sephora is definitely my favorite store for make-up. All of my favorite brands are there, but you already knew that. Since this is a fashion and beauty blog I’m assuming you were expecting me to say that.

7. Birchbox is really cool. I don’t always love the box but they do have some really cool and affordable products from skin care to hair to body. To recap box is not good all the time, but the products are. (:

8. Julep is my go to for nail polish and products fro hands and/or nails. They’re a little expensive but we all deserve to spoil ourselves every once n a while. For only $20 you get 2 nail polish and one full size product plus a sample. I think is a good deal considering that just one nail polish costs $15. I think that’s worth it.

 9,10. I’m doing the last two stores together because their basically the same just one is more expensive than the other. Their clothe is bohemian style (my favorite style) which is why I love them both!! Boohoo is an awesome store and it’s a lot less expensive. I love their cardigans. Now Free People is my favorite of all of them. Just like Boohoo is bohemian style (again my favorite style) but it’s really pricey which is why is my last one. My favorite from Free People are the head accessories. I always love the designs and stuff and they also last a long time if you know how to take care of them (just like everything). I’ve never actually bought anything myself but around two years ago I got one of the head bands and that’s how I found out about them and ever since I’ve been obsessed with Free People. Best part is my birthday is coming in a month from now so anything’s possible.

Those are my favorite stores in my life. By the way there's no link to Cohoes because they don't have an online store but if you go to Burlington you will find basically the same kind of things. Now tell me about your favorite store and what you like about it. I'd love to hear about them,  specially if they're not here.