Sunday, May 3, 2015

Steal Her Look: Meghan Trainor

Happy Sunday!

I know tomorrow is Monday, but I am so happy because I have one more month of school and I finally graduate!

So today's star is Meghan Trainor, I love Meghan Trainor, she's awesome and her music it's great. I totally love that she has so much confidence, even though she is not equipped with a mannequin body. She's just great, and her style it's just as impressive. As I was looking on google for my favorite outfit I've seen her wear, I thought this was going to be impossible. I pretty much love every outfit I've seen her wear. So, I settle for what she wore to the KCAs.

I just love how much confidence she has. Cause we're about the same size and I cannot wear something like that and feel so good.

By the way, if you haven't heard her album here's a few songs you should check out: Close Your Eyes, Credit, Bang Dem Stick, Like I'm Gonna Loose You (with John Legend), Walkshame, and Title. These are just my favorite songs from her album. What are yours?

I hope you had a great/productive Sunday, like I did, I'll talk to you guys later. (:

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