Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April Favorites

Happy May everyone. I love May, when I was in school, it was the best month. Especially if you are senior. I don’t want to talk too much so here is my April Favorites.

1. Lash Sensational: I usually use this one with Cover girl’s Great lash. Because alone it leaves a LOT of lumps but with Great Lash (at least for me) it works wonders. And this one is waterproof.

2. Lip Revival: This thing is awesome! I use it once a week and it leaves my lips like a baby's butt. Which is kind of disgusting when you compare lips with a baby’s butt LOL.

3. Baby Lips: This is what keeps my lips alive! I have used other lip balms but nothing works as baby lips. PS. This is the one thing I cannot leave my house without, I can forget my keys and my phone (and I have) but I cannot forget this.

4. Lue: This is step 3 of a well 3 step treatment for acne. While I don't have acne, this works wonders when I feel a pimple coming.

5. Hangover Primer: I have been using this primer a lot. I bought what they call a "deluxe sample" (slightly bigger than a regular sample) and I loved it so I went and bought the regular size one. I love that is so light weight and with my oily skin, I have to be careful about what I put on it.

6. Naked smokey: I have been in love with this palette for some time now. I basically use it every day.

7. Illuminating Face Highlighter: I am in love with this highlighter! It's so pretty. I use it every day and when I have to dress up too. I don't know if the color it's just good on my skin or what it is I just love it.

8. GinZing: I love the smell. Plus it's been so good to my skin. Again I have oily skin and I love the way my skin feels after.

9. Dandruff and Dry Scalp Elixir: This elixir is for psoriasis, which I have. I use it every time after I wash my hair and it works amazing. Unfortunately, I just found out that apparently, they are not selling it anymore. 😭

10: Fresh Mango Moisturizing Sunscreen: Again love, love, love the smell. If you can't tell I like products that smell good. Like the name says it smells like mangos, that's basically the only reason why I use it even when I don't go out.

11. Protect Detangle: Again it smells amazing. I can't really describe the smell but trust me it's amazing. I have very frizzy Puerto Rican hair. With the weather getting hot, I have been letting my natural mess that I call hair out more. This is also my secret to keep my frizzy in check.

12. The rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel: This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. I love the fact that its gel. It's so refreshing for your skin. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for?

13. Eyetini: I have been obsessed with this color for months. I can't get enough of it.

14. Meet Matt(e) Trimony: Same thing just with shimmer.

15. Ipsy Bag of the Month: This is the bag I was using all April is my quick fix when I don't want to take my purse. I just put my ID and credit cards in it and I'm good to go.

Well, this is it. My April favorites. Now it's May and we are one month closer to Summer!!

What was your favorite product in April?

Have a good day Loves!

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  1. Definitely want to check out the Lue! Thanks for sharing :)

    XO, Kylie