Monday, May 8, 2017

What’s in My Make-up Bag?

Welcome doll!

I hope your day is going well. Today I will let you in my make up bag. These are the things I always keep in there.
Nail File: You never know when you’re going to break a nail and need a nail filer.

Tweezers: This are for more than just eyebrows.

Lash sensational: I love this mascara. It’s my go to.

Ciate Liquid eyeliner: I love that it’s like a marker. It’s a great way to go from day to night. I usually don’t use eyeliner during the day and even if you do you can make it bolder and bam you’re ready for a night out.

Lue: I love this spot treatment for unexpected pimples.

Baby lips: I cannot leave my house without this for obvious reasons.

NYX Butter Gloss: A little secret, I actually thought that it was actually made with butter 🙈 Anyways I don’t usually wear lip gloss but the I do this is it. I love how cheap they are.

Hand Lotion: Can’t have dry hand right? This is the one I’m using right now. I gotta it on one of my Ipsy bags and I love it.

Again these are the products I keep in my make-up bag at all times. I add other things like, the highlighter, lipstick, and nail polish I’m using at the time.

What’s in your make-up bag?

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